What We Do:

Community Programs

NeIPL reaches out to congregations and community groups to offer programming that raises awareness about the link between ecology and faith, and that calls people to act in response to climate change from a faith-based perspective. NeIPL partners with other organizations in the community to offer programming that is relevant and effective.

What can we do for you?

We would love to come and speak to your congregation or community. We are glad to offer the following programs:

1) a presentation on the theological basis for climate change response;
2) a sermon or message for a worship service;
3) a meeting with a congregation’s “green team” to help you start greening your building;
4) a presentation on how to build a sustainability ministry.
5)a non-partisan and interactive “Climate Conversation” to draw out people’s feelings about climate change in a non-divisive way;

Penny Greer presents: February 2018


NeIPL works to educate Nebraska citizens about the effects of climate change now and in the future. Utillizing the resources of NeIPL staff and board members, as well as the resources of the surrounding colleges and universities, NeIPL facilitates educational experiences that inform and inspire hopeful action.


An important part of the NeIPL mission is to speak out on legislative issues on the local, state and national levels. In the context of the only state that is 100% publicly-owned power, NeIPL has an important role to play in inspiring the faith community to advocate for more clean energy in Nebraska from their regional public power districts. We have successfully advocated for more renewable energy at the Omaha Public Power District and the Lincoln Electric System.