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Facilitating faith responses to climate change.

Climate change is an ever-increasing threat in Nebraska and around the world. As the impacts of a warming climate become better understood, the need to act becomes more urgent. Unfortunately, many Nebraskans remain uninformed about climate change and its implications for Nebraska's water supply, agricultural production, economy and public health. There is a great need to communicate, educate, and inspire Nebraskans to take action to address the impacts of climate change on people and the environment.

Faith communities represent vibrant sectors of life in Nebraska. Nearly 90% of Nebraska residents identify as Christian and there are also strong Jewish, Unitarian, Buddhist, and Muslim communities in the state. The faith leaders who are committed to the mission of Nebraska Interfaith Power & Light believe that climate change is the most pressing moral issue of our time. Faith communities have unique traditions and messages to respond to the impacts of climate change on human civilization, and messages from faith communities can be a powerful voice in our state.

Many faith traditions remind us that creation is a gift from God and that we have been entrusted with its care and keeping. Faith traditions also remind us of the need to care for the vulnerable among us and to work for a better future for our children and succeeding generations. Nebraska Interfaith Power & Light brings the resources of faith and spirituality to the table in response to the moral challenges presented by the climate crisis.


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