Nebraska IPL Is Sponsoring the "Racial Identity and Cultural Influence Cohort"
with Contemplate Lincoln

Nebraska IPL is excited to be a sponsor of the "Racial Identity and Cultural Influence Cohorts" being offered by Contemplate Lincoln and facilitated by Rev. Zac Wolfe beginning in late January or early February, 2023. We believe that racial justice and environmental justice are interlocking issues and in order to better care for our Sacred Earth, we must also better care for and understand each other.  


In this group study, participants explore:

  1. Our racial identities as individuals and a larger racialized society,
  2. How our understanding of race is influenced by our culture and society,
  3. How our understanding of the world is influenced by racialized culture.



The group study uses The Racial Healing Handbook by Anneliese A. Singh, PhD, LPC as a foundation for exploring race.  The Racial Healing Handbook is a “powerful and practical guide to help you navigate racism, challenge privilege, manage stress and trauma, and begin to heal.”  Other supplemental resources are used as well. 


Cohort Experience

The cohort group is a safe space for participants to reflect and share on personal experiences with race as well as explore together.  Everyone is free to share without fear of being scolded or shamed for accidentally saying something that may be contradictory to what we are challenged to see, understand, and enact.  Participants share, learn, make mistakes, and grow together in our claiming and healing of our racial selves and engagement with the world around us



The group(s) meet 10 times over a 20-week period (meeting every-other week for 1.5 hours from January/February through May/June, 2023--depending on when the group starts meeting) via Zoom.  There are multiple options offered for meeting dates/times at the link below. Final meeting times are set based on overall participant availability according as shared in interest link below.



Groups are facilitated by Rev. Zac Wolfe, Pastor and Director of Social Transformation for Contemplate Lincoln, and Communications Coordinator of Nebraska IPL (pictured right).  Contact Zac at 531-500-7953 or [email protected] with questions.


Organizational Interest?

*We have had organizations express interest in having Contemplate facilitate this study group for their members/employees.  If you would be interested in having Contemplate and Zac facilitate this study or something similar to it with your organization or with a prearranged group, please contact Zac or click on the link below.*  


For more information and to express interest for individuals and groups,
click here!