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Nebraska Youth Climate Summit

Youth Climate Summit

The Nebraska Youth Climate Summit provides opportunities for education on issues such as the impact of climate change on Nebraska, agricultural methods to respond to climate change from local experts and environmental justice impacts of climate change.

Previous speakers have included State Senators Patty Pansing Brooks and Megan Hunt, Director of the State Climate Office Martha Shulski and leaders on regenerative agriculture and environmental justice.

The Summit provides unique opportunities for young people to have conversations with elected officials and learn about methods of civic engagement from a variety of perspectives, including conservative policy ideas, engaging with one’s community, making intergenerational connections and advocating for Clean Energy for All.


Check out highlights from previous Nebraska Youth Climate Summits including the 2022 Summit.




The 2022 Nebraska Youth Climate Summit has concluded for this year.
Look below for recordings from the event!


The 2022 Nebraska Youth Climate Summit was an inspirational success!

For a layout of the Summit's activities, click HERE.

Experience the 2022 Nebraska Youth Climate Summit speakers and presenters!

1. Nebraska Youth Climate Summit Welcome

Welcome to the 2022 Nebraska Youth Climate Summit with a greeting from our youth leaders and our Indigenous Peoples land acknowledgment.



2. Keynote Speaker: Deke Arndt

Deke Arndt of the Climate Sciences Division of the NOAA presents on the "Pulse of the Planet: Monitoring, Understanding and Working with Our Changing Climate."



3. Nebraska Climate Speaker: Martha Durr

Nebraska State Climatologist Martha Durr presents on "Climate Change in Nebraska: Implications, Actions and Perspectives."



4. Environmental Justice Discussion with Kevin Abourezk and Jesse Bell

ndigenous leader, journalist, and writer Kevin Abourezk and Director of the Water, Climate and Health Program of UNMC Jesse Bell share about their work for environmental justice in Nebraska and across the country.



5.  Policymakers Present Potential Solutions

Nebraska State Senator Anna Wishart, Lincoln City Councilman Bennie Shobe, LES Board Member Chelsea Johnson, and Norfolk, NE Mayor Josh Moenning share their achievements and continuing opportunities to work for solutions to the climate crisis in their contexts.



6. Reasons for Hope: Senator Ken Haar

Former Nebraska State Senator and one of the founders of the Nebraska Youth Climate Summit, Ken Haar, shares his reasons for continued hope for successfully fighting climate change.



7. How to Address Eco-Anxiety During the Climate Crisis Expert Panel from UNMC

Alison Delizza, PhD; Ryan Edwards, MD; and Katrina Cordts, PhD share techniques and answer audience questions about working through anxiety around the climate crisis.



8. Youth Leaders Panel: How Young People Can Make a Difference on Climate Issues

Nebraska youth climate leaders Brittni McGuire, Kat Woerner, and Zac Renshaw share "How Young People Can Make a Difference on Climate Issues" and answer questions from those present.



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Nebraska Youth Climate Summit
Nebraska Youth Climate Summit