Christmas Day 2021 will be my 70th birthday. As I approach this birthday, I am
reflecting about what has happened in my life so far. More important, I am thinking
about what we need to do to make the world a livable place for our children and

We are faced with many threats. Climate scientists are talking about a “code red for
humanity” in terms of the need for a concerted response to the climate crisis. Here in
Nebraska we are experiencing more and more extreme weather events: record heat and
drought in 2012, unprecedented floods from the bomb cyclone in 2019, and 2021’s mix
of extremes; frigid temperatures in February, followed by devastating winds in July and
floods in August.

While it is important to acknowledge the realities and dangers of climate change; it
is even more important to direct our energy and attention to what we can do about
it; to focus on positive action as a basis for hope. 

Fortunately, I am part of an organization that is all about building a better world, with
healthier, more equitable communities and people that support and care for each other.
That is the reason I am inviting you to make a contribution to Nebraska Interfaith
Power and Light as a positive act for the future in this season of gifts and giving.

Here are some recent positive actions by Nebraska IPL:
 - Discussion groups about ways to bridge political divides led by our Board
President Penny Greer.
 - Highlighting sustainable leadership by Nebraska faith communities featuring First
UCC Church of Hastings.
 - Led faith support for adoption of Lincoln’s Climate Action Plan.
 - Led support for legislation that will help more low-income people keep the heat
and power on during Nebraska’s frigid winters and blazing summers.
 - Hosted showings of Kiss the Ground, a film about regenerative agriculture.
 - Hosted uplifting and educational events that included music and learning about
Indigenous spirituality and care for the earth.

Here are some of our plans for the future:
 - Supporting the voices and activism of young people.
 - Reaching out to faith communities to learn about their interests and needs.
 - Connecting people to the heritage of their faith in caring for the earth.
 - Supporting environmental justice and the voices, wisdom and sustaining power of
Indigenous and minority spiritual communities.
 - Working to build a more sustainable and equitable future on behalf of our
children and all future generations.

People have often asked me if having my birthday on Christmas was a bad deal because I
must have missed out on birthday presents. I always say that I thought it was great
because people everywhere were celebrating with their families, eating good food and
listening to special music on Christmas Day. It’s also a day of celebrating new life and
hope in the midst of the darkest time of the year.

Taking care of the earth is also about celebrating new life and hope in dark times.
The work to address the climate crisis can be very daunting. Nebraska IPL connects
people to messages of hope from faith traditions, the stories of people who were
sustained by their faith in dark times and given the courage and strength to carry
on regardless of the situation. When I think about reasons for hope, I remember the
times when we have overcome incredible odds to prevail, such as stopping the Keystone
XL pipeline.

In the spirit of the season of new birth and hope, I am planning a celebration of my
birthday on December 27th between 7 and 9 p.m. at Rosie’s Downtown, 130 N. 10 th St.,
Lincoln, NE 68508 as a fundraiser with all proceeds going to Nebraska IPL.
The party will feature the following talented local musicians:
 Vibe Check featuring Myles Jasnowski
 Cool Roots featuring Katie Logan
 Will Hutchinson

It should be a great party!
Hope you can join us!
Thank you again for your support!
Best wishes and blessings of the season