People of faith across the country are making changes in their places of worship and their homes to prevent Global Warming with the Cool Congregations program! 
Cool Congregations is a unique stewardship program that helps congregations like yours to take seriously our call to care for the earth through practices of reducing your climate change emissions from your facilities and home. 
You can become an environmental leader in your community and save hundreds of dollars each year!


Cool Congregations Challenge

Cool Congregations offers everything you and your congregation needs to become a Cool Congregation; including start up kits, calculators, a certification process and a challenge with 5 categories in which you can win $1000!

The deadline to apply is December 15, 2022 with awards announced in February 2023.  

Nebraska IPL is offering $100 to each congregation that applies to be part of the contest!  


For further details on the
Cool Congregations Program and Competition, and
resources for everything from Start Up to Certification,
go to the Cool Congregations website
or contact NE IPL Cool Congregations Facilitator Carissa Englert at [email protected].com or 402-560-7227.


For a printable and shareable NE IPL Cool Congregations brochure, click on either of the preview icons below!