Welcome to

Community Climate Awareness Week
Lincoln, NE
October 6-11, 2022

Join community members from Lincoln and across Nebraska in this series of events and activities for all ages.  The goal of this week is to help the public grow in our awareness of climate change and what we can do as individuals and as communities to respond in positive and effective ways.  With great speakers and opportunities for anyone and everyone, you don't want to miss it!  


Featured Speakers

Deke Arndt, Chief Climate Monitoring Scientist | NOAA 

Aki Kahn, Dean College of Public Health | UNMC

Martha Shulski, Nebraska State Climatologist | UNL


Events and Activities of the Week

Thursday, October 6

  • 11-12:15pmDeke Arndt, lecture to a UNL Honors Class on Economic, Environmental and Social Costs of Extreme Weather and Climate Events
    • Location: Knoll 257 (440 North 17th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508)
    • Public welcome
    • Registration REQUIRED.  Go to the UNL Honors Program webpage.   
  • 3-5:00pm - Deke Arndt, UNL seminar, School of Natural Resources  
    • More information & Zoom link see the UNL website.
    • Location: Hardin Hall auditorium on UNL East Campus.
    • Open to the public or via Zoom


Friday, October 7

Session Speakers/Presenters and Group Exploration Topics

  • Deke Arndt, Keynote Address, "Climate Change & Extreme Events."
  • Martha Shulski, "Nebraska’s Climate Change Planning Process."
  • Environmental Justice Panel with Jesse Bell (UNMC), Kevin Abourezk (Indigenous Leader) and other activists and organizers. 
  • Other sessions, including: "How to Address Eco-Anxiety during the Climate Crisis" and "How Young People Can Make a Difference on Climate Issues."

Climate Strike

  • 4:30 pm - Climate March to State Capitol from UNL Student Union.
    • Public welcome

*For more information on the Nebraska Youth Climate Summit, visit Nebraska IPL Youth Climate Summit webpage.  


Saturday, October 8

  • 11am-12:30 pmDeke Arndt presents to Lincoln Citizen’s Climate Lobby and other environmental leaders, "Rising Incidence and Cost of Extreme Weather Events, and what we can do as Climate Activists"
    • Location: Aldersgate United Methodist Church (8320 South St., Lincoln, NE)
    • Public welcome


Tuesday, October 11

  • 7:00 pm - Ali Kahn, ""Putting the Public Back in Public Health: A Global Perspective" as part of The E.N. Thompson Forum on Global Issues
    • Location: Lied Center.
    • FREE Public lecture.
    • Registration required: Get your FREE ticket HERE





THANK YOU to our sponsors: Cooper Foundation, Water for Food Institute, Nebraska IPL, and other donors.  

Zac Wolfe


Communications Coordinator for Nebraska IPL, Pastor & Director of Social Transformation for Contemplate Lincoln, ordained in the PC(USA) tradition, spouse and father of 3 beautiful girls, lifelong passion for social justice, sports competitor/fan